Guidelines for Cat Attendees

Find out if your cat is fit to attend

POP Cats will Be EPiC! There will be lots of cats for you to play with and to adopt. If you are thinking of bringing your own kitty, do review these Important Guidelines. We need YOUR collaboration to make cattitude happen in TeXaS!

Please do consider:

  • DO NOT make this event your cat’s first outing.
  • You are fully responsible for your cat.
  • Kittens do better with crowds than adult cats.
  • Some cats are more sensitive to noise than others.
  • Last day for Cat Pre-Registration is Saturday, August 17th.


  • One (1) cat allowed per group.
  • To ensure cats’ safety, other animal species are not allowed.
  • Have an updated vaccination record on hand at the event.
  • Your cat MUST be handled by adults at all times.
  • Your cat MUST be suitable to attend and is not aggressive towards people.
  • Your cat MUST be transported to the Exhibition Hall inside a carrier, pet backpack or pet stroller.
  • If you let your cat out of its carrier at the Exhibition Hall, your cat needs to be wearing a harness and leash at all times.
  • Don’t approach your cat to other felines.
  • A limited number of visiting cats will be allowed. You MUST purchase your ticket in advance and pre-register your cat online. Cats not pre-registered before the event will not be allowed in.
  • We are not responsible for any harm to your cat; you are fully responsible for any incident caused by your cat.
  • Any attendee that does not follow these guidelines or endanger his/her cat or any other cats, may be asked to leave the event.

Pre-Registering Your Cat

If you purchased your admission ticket before July, you should have received an e-mail from POP Cats with an invite to Register Your Cat.

If you bought your tickets recently and indicated that you’re considering bringing your cat, then you should be getting your invite soon.

Please note that terms and restrictions may change at our own discretion.

Questions, feel free to reach out to us


See you at POP Cats. We can’t wait! 😜