Meet our adored speakers who will reveal their undeniable passion for cats, pop-culture, welfare efforts, and art! Be there first to enjoy memorable talks that will inspire your cat-titude!

Amanda Brennan

the Meme Librarian
Amanda Brennan is Tumblr’s senior content insights manager and internet librarian. After graduating with her MLIS from Rutgers University, she began her career at Know Your Meme, researching the history of internet phenomena and niche subcultures. She has been at Tumblr since 2013 where she oversees The Fandometrics, Tumblr’s pleasingly scientific weekly ranking of entertainment fandoms on the platform. 

Joann Biondi

Lorenzo the Cat Photographer

Joann Biondi is a feline art photographer whose work has appeared in numerous gallery and museum exhibits across the U.S. Her primary model and muse is Lorenzo the Cat, a regal Maine Coon with a flair for fashion. She recently photographed the cats of Cuba for National Geographic.

Brandon Zavala

Apollo Peak pet Berverages Founder

Brandon Zavala is the founder of the snack beverages for pets Apollo Peak, created after his cat “Apollo” and known for their lovable “Cat Wine” line which has earned the attention of magazines and TV.



Operation Paw Director

Tia is one of the passionate directors behind Operation PAW, an all volunteer, non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeless animals in South Florida.


The Cat Network

South Florida

The Cat Network is dedicated to reducing the overpopulation of stray and feral cats in South Florida through the humane practice of sterilization, vaccination, and release.